Redesign of Carnegie Bank website. Made for fun! See full size here

Landing page for Bitstar, a fictitious Bitcoin exchange website. See full size here

Mockup work for SimonPad, a multiplayer game project at GaminPad

Interface for a soccer management video game. For practice purposes only. See full size here

Logo for a personal long-term project (a 3D racing video game with a dramatic storyline involving brain-computer interfaces)

Flexing my illustration skills

Menu test for a smartphone game. Music borrowed from The Social Network soundtrack

100% vector!
This is a sneak peek of my design work for an upcoming full-length movie... there's more to come, so stay tuned!

I designed and animated all the displays for a commercial directed by the spanish company Tesauro

Interface design and posrproduction work for a TV ad directed by Jorge Molina
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